The Dermatology Unit is located in Rowan House on the Derriford Hospital site (visit the Derriford sitemap).   It has a treatment area, an ultraviolet treatment area, a minor surgery suite, and 5 consultation rooms.  We have two waiting areas; one main waiting area and a children’s waiting area.  We also have two bathrooms with hoists, as part of our treatment service. 

The Unit is open from 8.00 am until 5.00pm, 5 days a week. We run daily general Dermatology clinics. The ultraviolet service runs 5 days per week. The treatment suite is available daily for general treatments. We offer many Dermatology services including; 

  • An Iontophoresis service for hyperhidrosis, a common condition in which a person sweats excessively. 
  • Nurse Led Systemic Drug Monitoring Clinics, for chronic and acute skin conditions which are supported by three nurse prescribers.
  • A Biologics Drug Clinic, supported by three nurse prescribers. 
  • There is a Photodynamic Therapy Clinic weekly, which treats pre cancers and cancerous skin lesions. 
  • A Patch Test Clinic is run weekly, and the patients attend Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 
  • Minor Surgery is undertaken on the Unit, by nurses, to assist with diagnosis as well as removal of skin lesions. 

Please note the Doctors and nurses also work in other areas as part of the Dermatology Service: 

This includes peripheral hospitals at Tavistock, Liskeard and Kingsbridge.

Patient Self Check-in Service

Please use the self-check-in service situated outside the Ward and proceed to the appropriate waiting area once you have checked in.  If you have any issues with the self-check-in service, the Reception Team on the Unit are on hand to assist as appropriate.

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