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Since 2011 the University Hospitals Plymouth Rheumatology Direct Access Service has delivered personalised, reliable, patient-centred, and largely patient-initiated care, with much delivered remotely by telephone or email.

Our current service has benefitted from the collaboration, expertise and experience of local patients, clinicians, the administrative team and managers, healthcare commissioners, and researchers. This is the NHSEI commissioned Direct Access case study which includes descriptions of how the services has developed since 2011. Since 2020 our experience has informed the development of the UK and NHS policy on Patient Initiated Follow Up and is contributing to the NHS recovery and Outpatient Transformation Programme.

Rheumatology Direct Access Standard Operating Procedure. We welcome constructive feedback as to how it might be improved.

Here are some patients thoughts about the Direct Access service.


In the following video Mark Perry describes some of the background to and evidence base for the development of the Plymouth Rheumatology Direct Access service.


Our service is based on current best available evidence. We are working with colleagues across the UK to improve our understanding of when and why Patient Initiated Follow Up is safe and effective.


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