Rheumatology Research

What are clinical trials?
A clinical trial is a type of research that compares one treatment with another. They can be for any condition or disease process. They can also sometimes involve people without the condition. They usually recruit lots of patients and can be local, national or international studies.

Clinical trials are important as they can test new medications or treatment options to ones that already exist to see which ones work best. It is an important part of developing new drugs and procedures and allows medicines and treatment to advance.

Are there other types of research?

Yes. We also run registries. There are different kinds but they collect data from patients for example through questionnaires and also from medical records. They usually use this information to see patterns in the way conditions develop or which drugs are used and the side effects of medications.

How can I get involved in being in a Clinical Trial?
If you are interested in being part of a trial please discuss with your clinician at your next review.

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