Freedom to Speak Up Guardians

The Freedom to Speak Up Guardians operate independently, impartially, and objectively to support all staff within our organisation to raise any concerns that you may have.  The Guardians, whilst remaining independant, work alongside the senior leadership team to support a more open and transparent place to work, where all colleagues are actively encouraged and enabled to speak up safely.

As Guardians we will help to:

  • Protect patient safety and quality of care
  • Improve the experience of workers
  • Promote learning and improvement

We are here to ensure that:

  • Staff are supported in speaking up
  • Barriers to speaking up are addressed
  • A positive culture of speaking up is developed
  • Issues raised are used as opportunities for learning and improvement

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Our Freedom to Speak Up Guardians


Photo of Pippa Jephcott Pippa Jephcott

Hi, I’m Pippa and have worked at Derriford for the past 20 years, mainly as a Biomedical Scientist in pathology, but more recently in the Quality Academy as an Improvement Lead.

I feel really strongly that caring for staff and providing a safe, confidential and understanding space for those who speak up about their concerns should be one of our key aims as an organisation. To deliver great quality patient care we must focus on how we look after and support each other, how we work together and communicate within teams and how we learn from our mistakes, seeking to improve instead of blame.

I see the Guardian role as fundamental in ensuring that no-one working here feels isolated or silenced when it comes to speaking up about things that concern them, and will endeavour to be a safe place to speak for whoever needs someone to listen. 

Ruth Scrivener Ruth Scrivener

Hi, I’m Ruth, I have worked at this Trust since October 2018 within the HR department from HR Ops to Medical Hr but most recently in the Learning and Organisational Development Team as an Apprentice Recruitment Coordinator. I do enjoy interacting with people from all walks of life. I strongly believe in caring, providing a safe space, and supporting all members of staff as this is one of the key aims of our Trust as a whole. I also strongly believe in helping bring people together and giving them a voice. A healthy and happy work environment will have a massive positive impact on the service and care we provide others. #1BIGTEAM



Zoe Young 

Zoe YoungHello, my name is Zoe and I am delighted to be one of your new team of Freedom to Speak Up Guardians within UHPNT.  I am passionate about providing excellent experiences for patients and staff within the Trust and I believe the only way to achieve excellence is to empower everyone at all levels to have a voice and to enable them to be heard.

Working in such a large and busy Trust is not easy. I am a Band 6 Junior Sister on Shaugh Ward Orthopaedic Trauma Unit and have been in post two and half years. My experiences of this role have been very valuable in learning that achieving safe and effective environments for patients and staff is a continuous journey. Peoples’ needs are constantly changing and as such we as a Trust must adapt and change with them.

I know that things don’t always go as planned and I have had to deal with complaints and incidents when things go wrong. We are human and we make mistakes. I believe strongly in a culture of learning and I am proud to work within our one big team but it is everyone’s responsibility to raise concerns if they see a situation or behaviour that means a patient or colleague is not being cared for or treated appropriately and this is not always easy.

 I understand that people can be worried about getting themselves or their colleagues into trouble and I believe the Freedom to Speak Up Guardian Role is essential to overcoming such fears and anxieties. Talking about difficult things is not easy yet I believe it is important to share our experiences. People need to be heard to feel valued and some people need more support than others to speak up.  As a Guardian I am here to listen and to help.


Ibreez Ajaz

Ibreez Ajaz Hello, I'm Ibreez! This is my third year at Derriford hospital as an Internal Medicine Trainee. I feel privileged to be able to support and empower my colleagues by being available as a listening ear. So very often we forget to care for ourselves and find a source to share our concerns- and I want to be a proponent of the right to speak up, to say what you feel, and to discuss any anxieties or apprehensions. 

As a part of the Guardian team, it would give me no greater joy than to be able to create a haven for anyone who may be bullied, experienced a negative working culture, or feel that there are barriers preventing them from succeeding. I believe we should all strive to create an impartial workspace wherein empathy and a willingess to learn reign, and be on the lookout for opportunities to improve and grow. Let me be the bridge that helps you find your voice!"



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