Update to IVF patients

Fertility Services have now moved to their new building at CRGW Plymouth, 10 William Prance Rd, Plymouth PL6 5WR but we continue to manage them until they transfer to their new provider CRGW at the start of August 2020. This move included moving the samples from the Derriford to the newly built laboratory here.


Due to the current coronavirus escalation HEFA has informed all IVF services that clinical work should be stopped, and  we do not anticipate being able to restart services for a while while we await further guidance from HEFA.


We are working to get the fertility preservation services set up ahead of this for patients affected by cancer who need eggs and sperm stored ahead of treatment ,  as these have been temporarily moved to Fertility Exeter while we have been moving to our new site.


If you wish to get hold of the service for any reason the telephone number remains the same and is 01752 787999. 

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