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Providing a complete range of services to keep your people well at work and enhance your organisation.

Why occupational health is good for business

40million working days are lost every year in the UK to occupational ill-health. Productivity depends on people being ready and able to perform at their best – look after them and you look after your business. The level and type of occupational health service required will vary according to the size and risks of your organisation.

Musculoskeletal and mental health problems are the most common causes of both short- and long-term absences. Manual handling is a significant issue in many organisations with different issues arising depending on the work being done. Work that involves being seated and immobile for prolonged periods can have adverse effects on individual health. Understanding the impact of problems associated with the type of work your organisation does is valuable for protecting your staff as well as for job design and control.

Chemicals, if incorrectly controlled or managed, can cause dermatitis, asthma and other lung conditions. Exposure to excessive noise can cause occupational hearing loss and work with vibrating tools can cause Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome. Use of radioactive substances in manufacturing or quality control requires risk assessment. All these conditions need to be to be understood and managed through a regular programme of health surveillance to identify problems early.

Today’s flexible working practices mean some staff work remotely from home, which can give rise to social isolation issues and, if the employee drives and works in clients’ homes, an assessment of fitness to drive and work alone may be appropriate.

What we can do for you

Whatever the size of your organisation, whatever your sector, we will work with you to develop and deliver an effective occupational health solution. Our experienced team can work with you, to advise on workplace health and wellbeing, how to prevent occupational injuries and disease, assessing people’s fitness for work and helping to rehabilitate those who have suffered injury or sickness back into the workplace.

  • Attendance management: fitness for work; case management; ill-health retirement.
  • Recruitment pre-employment services: health questionnaire screening; assessment of worker’s fitness for specific tasks, EPP clearance.
  • Health surveillance: asbestos, lead and ionising radiation medicals; hand arm vibration assessment; vocational / fork lift truck / LGV driver medicals; audiology; respiratory; skin checks
  • Physiotherapy services: injury assessment; rehabilitation treatment; manual handling training.
  • Workplace immunisations: contamination incidents; seasonal flu programmes; travel vaccinations.
  • Workplace assessment: Display Screen Equipment assessment; ergonomic workstation assessments.

Why choose us

We provide independent, impartial advice to you and your employees.

We have a well-established track record of working with both public and private sector organisations. The results of our latest annual customer satisfaction survey show that 98% of our clients have been positively satisfied with the service received and would recommend it to others.”

You have peace of mind that we are accredited with SEQOHS – the recognised standard for best practice in our industry, which sets us apart as a Safe, Effective, Quality Occupational Health Service.

How to get in touch

To discuss how our service could support your business, contact Susan Cherrett, Business Development Manager, 01752 432467 or susan.cherrett@nhs.net or Freda Allen, Head of Department, 01752 437238 or freda.allen@nhs.net

Clients visiting our department can contact our Bookings Team regarding their appointment on 01752 437222 / plh-tr.OccupationalHealthWellbeingBookings@nhs.net 

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Occupational Health SEQOHS

SEQOHS Accreditation

Our Occupational Health service is accredited by the Safe, Effective, Quality Occupational Health Service (SEQOHS) accreditation scheme. Visit the SEQOHS website to learn more about this scheme.

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