Occupational Health

The Trust’s Occupational Health & Wellbeing Department is an in-house resource, providing support to Trust staff to minimise work-related ill-health and maximise good general health in the workplace.

Being in work is an important contributor to good health. The longer someone is off sick, the harder it is for them to get back to work. We act as impartial advisers to both employees and managers. Our service is accredited under the Safe Effective Quality Occupational Health Standards (SEQOHS) scheme.


Our services

The OH Department also contracts with local organisations in the manufacturing, education and not-for-profit sectors, to provide a range of occupational health services to their employees. Millions of working days are lost every year in the UK to occupational ill-health. Productivity depends on people being ready and able to perform at their best – look after them and you look after your business. We can work with you, to develop and deliver an effective occupational health solution for your type of business. The services we can offer to external organisations include:

  • Pre-employment health screening for new employees: health questionnaire screening; follow-up consultation with a clinician (if required); assessment for fitness for specific tasks; immunisation screening.
  • Management referral consultations: fitness for work assessment; return-to-work plans; case management; ill-health retirement assessment; musculoskeletal assessments.
  • Health surveillance: audiometry; spirometry; HAVS assessment; ionising radiation medicals; skin checks (dermatitis and Latex); vocational driver medicals; fork lift truck driver medicals; night worker and lone working assessments; working at height medicals; DSE assessment and guidance on work station set up and working environments via photographic assessment.
  • Workplace immunisations and blood screening: contamination incident post-exposure support; Hepatitis B / MMR / Varicella (chicken pox) screening and vaccinations; alcohol and drug screening; MRSA/PVL swabs and skin review.

To discuss how our service could support your business, contact:

Susan Cherrett, Business Development Manager, 01752 432467, susan.cherrett@nhs.net.


Our service ethos and values

  • Independent: provided equally to all employees, whether they are seen as a self-referral or at the request of management.
  • Supportive: to both the organisation and individuals, with the interest of both at heart.
  • Impartial: we do not 'take sides'.
  • Objective: providing a balanced view based on evidence and the information we are given, trusting that people will tell the truth as they see it.
  • Competent: qualified, experienced and skilled staff.
  • Respectful: we will respect the views of individuals.
  • Confidential: information generally only released to a third party with the consent of the individual.
  • Open: we prefer to see openness of correspondence concerning an individual. Subject to confidentiality, we would generally expect to say the same thing to an individual as we say about them to management and that anything we write to management should also be available to the individual.


Occupational Health & Wellbeing Department
Derriford Centre for Health & Wellbeing
University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust
Derriford Road
Plymouth PL6 8DH

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