Collar Care Videos

Spinal braces, including cervical collars can be used to help stabilise the neck after traumatic injuries. They will be prescribed by a consultant following appropriate x-rays or scans.

These videos have been produced by the Derriford Major Trauma Centre to support clinicians and carers/families to provide safe and consistent collar care. They should only be used in conjunction with teaching from a specialist and do not serve to replace practical training.

Nobody should be completing collar care without being confirmed as competent by an appropriate therapist or nurse.

If you have any queries regarding your individual situation please contact the team that prescribed your collar.

Collar Care Videos

1.  Overview of Miami J collars

Miami J

2. How to change a Miami J collar in lying

Miami J (Lying)

3. How to change a Miami J collar in sitting

Miami J (Sitting)

        4. Changing collar pads - Miami J

Miami J (Pads)

5. How to change an Aspen Vista in lying

Aspen Vista (Lying)

6. How to change an Aspen Vista in sitting

Aspen vista (Sitting)

7. Changing collar pads - Aspen Vista

Aspen vista (Pads)

With grateful thanks to Ossur & Beagle Orthopaedic for permission to use the above images.

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