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Welcome to the Quality Academy, University Hospitals Plymouth, webpage. 

We are the Quality Improvement team here at University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust. We work alongside different teams within the Trust to improve quality and make healthcare safe, effective, patient-centred, timely and efficient. Our purpose is to build improvement capability in different teams throughout the Trust and surrounding community hospitals to help them improve services to enhance patient care, whilst also creating a better working environment for staff.

What is our approach to Quality Improvement?

  • Staff teams identifying improvements and leading change themselves.
  • Coaching and learning is encouraged and is part of the daily routine.
  • An embedded culture where the voice of staff, patients, families and carers are listened to, acted on and used to encourage changes for the better.
  • All of our improvement work is visual, supported by leaders and celebrated both internally and externally.
  • We strive to set an example and be somewhere that other Trusts, teams and departments can come to learn about team-driven change.
  • Introduce and encourage Lean and PDSA methodology. 

What is our role?

Our role is to support and facilitate team driven improvement activity. We provide training and advice to support improvement activity across the hospital.  We encourage queries and questions from all staff who are involved in improvement and aim to bridge the gap between clinical and non-clinical teams.  We listen to both staff and patients to encourage suggestions and ideas for improvement and ensure that any changes are managed and supported effectively and this should lead to a reduction in clinical risk. 

People First Posters

Quality Academy Poster 1

PDF Version of our Posters, please feel free to print and use within your own areas: People First Posters .pdf [pdf] 1MB

Quality Academy Poster 2

Rapid Changeover of patients in Theatre 8 (OG)

As a patient in theatre I am expected to have my surgery done on the day as planned and not get cancelled, as this will add to my stress and anxiety. As a member of the Theatre team, we want to treat all patients on the list through a stress free day in theatre, maintaining efficiency and finishing

Multi creation of professional therapy plan document for patients on stroke pathway

Lack of therapy plan awareness and consistency for wide team

Heart Failure Input to the Hot Floor

Patients with primary or secondary diagnosis of Heart Failure, Chest Pain or Atrial Fibrillation have a 70% conversion rate to admission.

People 1st Plymouth

People 1st Plymouth is a cultural change programme with people and improvement at its heart.

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