Vascular Access

Central Venous Access Devices (CVADs) are medical devices which are placed in a large vein. They are usually sited in the neck, upper chest or arm. CVADs are used to provide access to give medication and treatment to patients, either in hospital or sometimes at home. Because these devices break the integrity of the skin, there is a risk that an infection may enter the blood stream. It has been nationally recognised that standardised procedures and equipment, along with staff training in insertion and maintenance minimises the risk of infections and other complications related to these devices. 

The Vascular Access Clinical Nurse Specialists work within the Acute Care Team, and offer clinical support, and a Midline and PICC insertion service.   A number of   Clinical Support workers provide a cannulation service, dressing changes. We have a Consultant led clinic for tunnelled line insertion.  We aim to facilitate appropriate and timely treatment to be commenced, and ongoing support and advice. 

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Information For Patients

Information for staff

 We are now using a new catheter securement  device called a SecurAcath, for product support videos and documents please visit the Interrad website.

All training and assessment documents are available on StaffNET (from Trust PCs)
Copies of the CVAD assessment documents are also available at the back of the IV Drugs Policy.This should be available in all areas. 

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