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Category   Website Address
Abuse Image of Plymouth Highbury Trust Plymouth Highbury Trust
Advocacy Image of Plymouth Highbury Trust Plymouth Highbury Trust
Asthma   Asthma UK
Autistic Spectrum Image of National Autistic Society National Autistic Spectrum
Challenging Behaviours Image of The Challenging Behaviour Foundation The Challenging Behaviour Foundation
Communication Logo of Communication Matters Communication Matters
  Logo of Makaton Makaton
  Logo of Singalong Singalong
  Logo of Photosymbols Photosymbols
Dementia   The Alzheimers Society
Deprivation of Liberty    Deprivation of Liberty guide and information
Easy Read   Parkinsons Information 
Easy Read   Having an EEG 
Easy Read   Easy Read Constipation
Easy Read   A guide to Sepsis
Easy Read   Falls leaflet
  Easy Health logo Easy Health
Easy read medicines   LD Medication Guidelines
Epilepsy Image of National Society for Epilepsy The Epilepsy Society
Health  Easy Health logo Easy Health
Health   Health is everybody's responsibility
Hospital Passport   Help to fill out the Hospital Passport
  Logo of Equality Human Rights Equality Human Rights
    Improving Health and Lives

Renter's Rights and Housing Assistance
for people with Learning Disabilities

    Special Needs Checklist:
How Disability-Friendly is Your City?
Learning Disability Mencap Logo Mencap
  BILD logo British Institute of Learning Disabilities
   Logo of The Royal College of Psychiatrists The Royal College of Psychiatrists
Mental Health Mental Health Foundation logo Mental Health Foundation
News   Disabled man's cancer care criticised
Nursing Royal College of Nursing logo Royal College of Nursing
Sports and Hobbies  
Sports & Hobbies for people with Disabilities
Syndromes BILD logo British Institute of Learning Disabilities
Training   Best Vocational Training Programs
for Disabled
    Transition to Adulthood:
Home Modifications for Young Adults
with Special Needs


Hospital Passports

The National Autistic Society have made hospital passports which can be used by people who are on the autistic spectrum. 




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