Our service monitors our clinical performance so that we can contiue to identify what we are doing well and what we could improve. We have multiple sources of feedback, not all of which are presented here. We do have some key performance indicators that are presented below and we also gain patient feedback.


Key perfomance indicators (KPI's)

Antibiotic prescription in acute variceal bleeding 24 hrs either side of the procedure.Abx in 24

  • Ascitic tap in emergency admissions with ascites.

ascitic tap in ed

  • Albumin and antibiotic prescription in patients diagnosed with SBP within 12 hours of diagnosis.

albumin sbp

Percentage of acute admissions with decompensated liver disease seen by a gastroenterologist/hepatologist within 24 hours of admission.

  seen by cons


Patient feedback.

Please click here for the patient feedback for October 2019 and see below for comments.

Feedback comments