Rheumatology: Meet the Team


Dr Lindsay Robertson (Consultant Rheumatologist and Clinical Lead)
Dr Mark Perry (Consultant Rheumatologist and Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer)
Dr Jon King (Consultant Rheumatologist and Acute Medical Physician)
Dr Owen Moore (Consultant Rheumatologist and Acute Medical Physician)
Dr Nick Viner (Consultant Rheumatologist)
Dr Ognjenka Savanovic-Abel (Consultant Rheumatologist) 

Junior Team:

 Registrar – Dr Matt Cates. Rotate yearly.
 Clinical Fellow – Dr Reema Bhatt. The clinical fellow is involved with clinical work and research
 SHO – a doctor in training for their general medical certificate. They rotate 4 monthly. 

Nursing Staff:

Nikki Day (Lead Specialist Nurse)
Pauline Putt (Clinical Nurse Specialist)
Chris Edwards (Clinical Nurse Specialist)
Jane Howes (Clinical Nurse Specialist)
Stephanie Roberts (Clinical Nurse Specialist)
Sarah Hardy (Clinical Nurse Specialist)
Sindi Nyathi (Clinical Nurse Specialist and Rheumatology Research Nurse)
Tracey Bryan (Senior Health Care Assistant)
Sarah-Jane May (Health Care Assistant)
Amanda Holt (Rheumatology Research Nurse)
Esme Elloway (Rheumatology Research Nurse) 


Balazs Jambor (Senior Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist)
Duncan Townsend  (Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist) 

Occupational Therapists:

Lisa BontoFarmo (Senior Rheumatology Occupational Therapist)
Susan Ripley (Rheumatology Occupational Therapist) 


 Charlotte Carvel (Rheumatology specialist Pharmacist) 

Secretarial Staff:

Roma Keogh (Secretary to Dr Robertson)
Alex Bond (Secretary to Dr Perry, Dr Savanovic Abel and Clinic & Systems Administrator)
Sharon Tozer (Secretary to Dr King)
Nikki Smith (Secretary to Dr Moore)
Janet Wood (Secretary to Dr Nick Viner)
Courtney Cavanagh (Secretary to the Nursing Staff)
Cassie Astles (Administrative Support) 

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