Trust Innovation Group

The main aim of the group is to facilitate the generation of new ideas and the uptake of ideas, practices and processes that have been generated in the Trust.  The group is made up of members of staff who represent all areas of the Trust who can provide expertise, support and advice that is relevant for each individual project. Current Innovation group members include:

Non-Executive Director (Chairman): Richard Crompton

Executive Lead for Innovation: Phil Hughes

Director of Nursing: Greg Dix

Senior Trust Innovation Lead: Helen Neilens

Associate Director of Finance: Brian Jones

Clinical Trials Manager: Corinna Mossop

Anaesthetics Consultant: Gary Minto

Director of Therapy Services: Nicky Martin

Head of Software Development, Integration and Support Services: Paul Copleston

Service Improvement Lead: Neil Hammacott

Procurement: Kathleen Harvey

Head of Clinical Measurement & Innovation, Healthcare Sciences & Technology: Mike Mayo

Operations Manager for Cellular and Anatomical Pathology: Mike Biscombe

Business Development Manager – MEMS: Stephen Puleston

Team Leader Specialist Mechanical Workshop: Andrea Carpenter

Communication Manager: Brydie Bruce

Communications Officer: Christian Johns


To find out more about the groups aims, contact us today and see how we can help you

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