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Alcohol Brief Advice

Date issued:  March 2022 

For review:  March 2024 

Ref: D-295/CV/Ward/Alcohol brief advice v2

PDF:   alcohol brief advice final March 2022 v2.pdf [pdf] 251KB

Alcohol information

1. There is no safe level of drinking alcohol,.
2. Public Health England recommend not to drink regularly more than 14 units per week
3. The body cannot store alcohol; its treated as a poison and detoxifies it in the liver
4. Each time your liver filters alcohol, some of the liver cells die . The liver can develop new              cells, but drinking too much can reduce its ability to regenerate
5. Alcohol related liver disease is common in the UK. The number of people with this condition          has been increasing because of increase alcohol consumption in the UK

Did you know?

It is recommend that both men and women should avoid regularly drinking more than 14 units each week.
• So spread drinking over several days
• Have several days in the week free from alcohol
• If you are pregnant its is advisable to avoid alcohol
• If you are worried about your drinking please contact the support services mentioned in this           leaflet or your GP

What are the benefits of drinking less?

• Improvement in mood
• Improved relationships
• Sleeping better
• More energy
• Weight loss
• Reduced risk of injury

Making a plan

• Have drink free days, when you don’t drink at all
• Switch to a lower alcohol wine/beer/larger.
• When you drink, set a limit and stick to it
• Eat when you drink-have your first drink after starting to eat.
• Tell a family member or friend. Let them know the plan to help you stick to it.
• When bored or stressed do something physical instead of drinking

Who to contact

Derriford Alcohol Services
Alcohol liaison nurse
01752 437496

Community Alcohol
Plymouth Harbour:
01752 434343

Cornwall “We are in this together”
01579 340616
Devon “Together”
0800 2335444

Devon: over 50 years old can
access ‘Drink wise, age well’:
0800 3047034

Your GP is a reliable source for information and support



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