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Date issued: December 2022

Review date: December 2024

Ref: A-573/SS/Colorectal/Biofeedback Clinic

PDF:  Biofeedback clinic final December 2022.pdf [pdf] 182KB

The Colorectal Pelvic Floor team provides specialist services for patients with pelvic floor problems, specifically the large bowel.

We offer a full range of treatments which almost always start with conservative or non-surgical measures, in accordance with National Guidance.

Biofeedback therapy (bowel and muscle training) involves an initial assessment by a Nurse Specialist or Physiotherapist, who will obtain a detailed assessment of your bowel symptoms, a Digital Rectal Examination (DRE), general health including a conservative assessment of the following:

  1. Reviewing diet and fluids

  2. Looking at medication

  3. Reviewing lifestyle

Appropriate investigations may have been discussed and performed prior to your Biofeedback appointment; however, these are reviewed again if required at your appointment.

Following assessment and the results of any other investigations, it will be discussed with you the likely cause for your bowel problems (if not already discussed at your initial assessment) and an individualised treatment plan will be implemented.

Verbal consent is gained at the start of your appointment and for the DRE and you will have opportunity to ask any questions that you may have.

There are no risks or side effects to this treatment. When the Nurse is performing the DRE, a chaperone will be offered and present. No preparation is required prior to your appointment, and you will be able to travel home and continue with your normal activities afterwards.

Your appointment lasts approximately 45 minutes. You may require a further face to face follow up or you may be followed up via the telephone at approximately one-to-two-month intervals. It may take a few months before you feel an improvement in your symptoms.

You will have to work hard to make this therapy effective however, and most people find this therapy improves their bowel function.

If your symptoms do not improve, alternative treatments and management of your symptoms can be discussed with your Nurse Specialist, and you may be referred onto our Pelvic Health Physiotherapist for further advanced Physiotherapy.

You will receive a letter after your appointment detailing your treatment.

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