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Clinical Decision Unit Lounge

Date issued: June 2019

For review: June 2021

Ref: D-03/ED/SM/CDU Lounge

PDF:  CDU Lounge leaflet [pdf] 158KB


You have been seen and assessed in the Emergency Department by one of the doctors or nurse practitioners.

The decision has been made to move you to the Clinical Decision Unit Lounge.

There are a number of reasons that patients are commonly moved to this area. These include:

  • You may be waiting for the results of a test to arrive.
  • You may require a further test to be done.
  • You may be waiting to see another health professional.

The Lounge area is a seated area where you can wait comfortably. Refreshments are available and there is a communal television in this area. There will be a nurse dedicated to looking after patients who have been moved to this area. They will be happy to answer any questions that you have. We are anticipating that you will go home later on today. Occasionally people need to be admitted to hospital from the Lounge area. This may happen if your test results are abnormal or if you become more unwell. We will endeavour to keep you updated at all times.

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