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Date issued: April 2020

For review: April 2022

Ref: A-438/MB/Medical Specialities/Clinical Genetics Service

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We know that family history changes over time and that different family members may want to see us as they get older. If you have previously been seen by the Peninsula Clinical Genetics Service, you are welcome to contact us for advice. Our main Exeter office can be reached on 01392 405 745.

Referral of relatives

Referral of new family members can be arranged through the person’s GP. You can also contact us for help or advice about this.

If the referrer includes your genetics family reference number (if you know it), or the name of a relative who has already seen us, we will be able to process your referral most effectively. Referrals should be directed to our Exeter office.

Genetic testing

For conditions that affect adults, we usually offer testing from age 18. For conditions that can affect children, we will work with you to determine the best age for testing.


Bowel screening (colonoscopy) recommendations vary depending on family history. Your Gastroenterologist will be able to confirm the appropriate screening interval, based on your history and previous Genetics assessment.

New diagnoses in the family

A person’s cancer risk can’t always be predicted by genetic testing, and family history remains an important part of the assessment. If there have been new cancer diagnoses in your family, or abnormal screening results, please let us know so that we can ensure your assessment is up to date

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