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Diet following Nissen Fundoplication

Date issued: March 2023

Review date: March 2025

Ref: C-523/DR/Dietetics/Nissen Fundoplication and Hernia repair diet

PDF:  Diet Following Nissen Fundoplication and hernia repair final March 2023.pdf [pdf] 130KB

You will need to follow a special diet after your surgery to help with healing. Your diet will progress in stages from liquids to soft-normal diet in 6 weeks.

Stage 1:  Liquid Diet 2 weeks

This diet will begin while you are in hospital and is recommended to continue for 2 weeks after surgery. These can include examples such as:

  • Milk

  • Soup (no bits)

  • Jelly

  • Ice-cream

  • Hot chocolate

  • Malted drinks

  • Nourishing drinks such as build up shakes or soups that can be provided on the ward.

Stage 2:  Pureed Diet 2 weeks

Following on from liquids only, this stage is a very smooth texture and enables easier swallowing. This stage can be followed for the next 2 weeks. A food processor or blender will be needed to puree food to the correct consistency, you may need to add liquid in order to puree food, however, avoid water as this can dilute the nutrients, instead try stock, gravy, milk, cream, sauce or soup.

Stage 3:  Easy to chew Diet 2 weeks

Having followed the puree diet recommendations, if you feel no pain or discomfort you can progress to an easy to chew diet. Avoid any large solid lumps, like large pieces of chicken or steak, these can get stuck, which can be very uncomfortable. Chew food well, it is recommended that you follow this stage for 2 weeks.

Stage 4: Normal Diet

At the end of Stage 3 you can slowly introduce a normal healthy diet as tolerated.

If you find that you are losing weight or would like further information. Please contact the Dietetic department on the number on the back of this page.

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