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Exercise to promote a retruded position of the mandible

Date: March 2019

Revision: March 2021

Ref: Ref: A-363/JB/Maxfax/Promote a retruded position of the mandible v2

PDF:  Exercises to promote a retruded position of the mandible [pdf] 110KB


  1. Perform the exercise with the aid of a mirror.
  2. Open mouth slightly and curl the tongue upwards and backwards so that it touches the palate.
  3. Keeping tongue in the curled up position, but TOUCHING THE PALATE open your mouth.
  4. Close your BACK teeth WITHOUT sticking your chin forwards.
  5. Continue with this exercise until you experience an aching along the cheek bones and behind the jaw.
  6. Rest.
  7. Repeat exercise four or five times a day, but only until ache in the face appears. This ache is due to muscle fatigue and continuation of the exercise during muscle fatigue will lead to acute muscle spasm.


The exercises will take three to four months to become totally effective, so do not expect an overnight miracle!

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