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Fluoride mouthwash

Date issued: January 2024

Review date: January 2026

Ref: B-365/Maxfax/KD/Flouride Mouthwash v3

PDF: Fluoride mouthwash final January 2024 v3.pdf [pdf] 65KB

Permanent damage can occur to your teeth and gums if you do not clean them properly. So brush well for 2 minutes with a fluoride toothpaste at least twice a day.

When you eat or drink something sugary, the bacteria in your mouth produce acid. This acid can make holes in your teeth. So avoid sugary foods and drinks between meals.

Using a fluoride mouthwash every day will also help keep your teeth healthy. Fluoride toughens the teeth and protects them against decay. It is not a substitute for good tooth brushing though!

Use the fluoride mouthwash at least twice a day. It is best to use it at a different time to brushing your teeth. Hold it in your mouth for one minute, swish it round and then spit it out. Do not have anything to eat or drink after this.

You can buy fluoride mouthwash from a chemist or a supermarket. Look at the label on the bottle. A suitable mouthwash will contain 0.05% Sodium Fluoride or 225 ppm F-. If possible try to buy an “alcohol free” rinse.

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