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Going home after a sedative

Date issued: July 2021

Review date: July 2023

Ref: D-365

PDF:  Going home after a sedative final July 2021.pdf [pdf] 383KB

Going home after a sedative

You were given a sedative whilst in the emergency department. This was to help you feel more comfortable whilst you had your procedure done.

It is normal to have a short time where you cannot remember exactly what happened; this is a side effect of the sedative.

In the next 24 hours it is important to:

  • Rest

  • Drink lots of hot or cold drinks

  • Have something light to eat  -  nothing fried or spicy

  • Have someone with you for 24 hours

Do not:

  • Drive

  • Use machinery

  • Drink alcohol

  • Make any important decisions

  • Care for anyone without help

If you have any worries or questions please phone us on: 01752 430217


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