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Hand Therapy Care of your splint

Date issued: July 2021

Review date: July 2023 

Ref: C-460

PDF:  hand therapy care of your splint final July 2021.pdf [pdf] 151KB

Splints are required for a variety of conditions.  They provide support and protection to the hand to allow an injury to heal.

Your Doctor has requested that you have a splint to wear as part of your treatment.  Your splint has been specifically made to measure for you by your Hand Therapist.

Some splints are to be worn 24 hours a day and others are required for some of the time depending on your condition and treatment plan.

You should always follow your therapist’s instructions with regard to wearing your splint; it may affect your recovery if you do not.

Your splint is made from a lightweight thermoplastic material, which softens in hot water.  Therefore it is necessary to protect your splint from any excessive source of heat.

This includes:                   

  • Hot water

  • Hair dryers

  • Radiators and fires

  • Sunny cars or windowsills

Your splint may require adjustment during the course of your treatment.  If it becomes loose or uncomfortable please inform your therapist.

Do not attempt to alter your splint yourself.

If you have any concerns regarding your splint please contact your Hand Therapist.


Contact No: 01752 432220

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