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Having a Videofluoroscopy (or Fluoroswallow)

Date issued: April 2022 

Review date: April 2024

Ref: C-485

PDF:  Having a Videofluoroscopy (or Fluoroswallow) final April 2022.pdf [pdf] 616KB

Things we might ask you:

We might need to ask you to take some of your clothes off. This is so the material does not stop the x-ray from taking a clear picture. 

If you do need to undress there is a special cubicle you can change in. You will be given a hospital gown. We will not ask you to be completely naked.

Sometime we need to ask women if they could be pregnant. We are not being rude or nosey; we need to know as the radiation we use could hurt an unborn baby.

We understand that these questions/requests can be embarrassing but we have to ask them as part of our job

Having your VFS:

The VFS uses radiation to work. Too much radiation can make people poorly. Your appointment will take around 30 minutes.

You will only have a little bit of radiation during your VFS. If you are worried or have any questions please talk to the hospital staff about this. No question is daft or silly.

The radiographers in the room with you work with radiation all day. They have to wear special aprons to keep themselves safe.

Sometimes they will stand behind a screen but can still see you and talk to you. If you have taken support with you they will need to be behind the stand whilst you have your VFS.


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