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Hearing Services at University Hospitals Plymouth

Issue Date: November 2019

Revision Date: November 2021

Ref: D-154/Audiology/ER/Hearing services at Plymouth Hospital v3

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Problems with hearing, balance or tinnitus can happen to us all at some point in life.

If you are concerned about yourself or a friend or relative, go along and have a chat with your GP.

Ask to be referred to Audiology at Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust


Why choose Audiology at Plymouth University Hospitals NHS Trust?

  • Out of hours appointments available before 9am, after 5pm and on Saturdays.
  • Extensive Audiology care available at: Derriford Hospital, Mount Gould, Launceston, Liskeard, Kingsbridge, Tavistock
  • Full range of modern digital hearing aids with the latest noise reduction technology, adaptive microphones and connectivity via Bluetooth and the loop system.
  • Years of experience in fitting high power hearing aids to effectively help people with severe or complex hearing losses.
  • Strong links with the Ear Nose and Throat Department at Derriford Hospital so you can be sure that you are receiving the best medical care.
  • Free batteries
  • Walk in after-care service five days a week, no appointment necessary


What happens next?

  1. We will arrange a hearing assessment appointment after receiving your referral. The appointment will last up to 75 minutes, please feel free to bring a relative or friend along with you.
  2. You will be seen by a trained audiologist who will check your ears, carry out a hearing test and talk to you about any difficulties you might be having with your hearing or any worries you have about your ears.
  3. Once the tests are completed, we will explain the results to you and discuss what you would like to do next. An individual care plan will be agreed between you and the audiologist.


If you decide to try hearing aids we will see you again fit your hearing aids and teach you how to use them. If your hearing loss is suitable, we will fit you on the day of your assessment.

Our dedicated team is a mixture of post-graduate and graduate audiologists supported by specialised workplace trained staff.

Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust is the largest provider of adult hearing services in the South West Peninsula. As the largest service provider, our experience is immense.

The NHS currently delivers high end technology instruments alongside high quality counselling, and also has long-standing working relationships with a framework of support services.

We also provide specialist audiological care for:

  • Children and young adults
  • Bone anchored hearing aid users
  • Complex hearing needs
  • Adults with learning disabilities
  • Hearing therapy for tinnitus sufferers
  • Balance testing


Contact Details - Audiology Department

ADULT APPOINTMENTS   01752 431253/4


TEXTPHONE 01752 763 765                                                                                                                                                                              

Level 7

Plymouth University Hospitals NHS Trust

Derriford Road






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