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Date issued:  July 2020

For review: July 2022

Ref: B-445/SW/Pain management/ I can v2

PDF:  I can [pdf] 442KB

Pain Management: Useful information/resources

 We hope this leaflet will enable you to find out more about persistent pain and explore some helpful ways to enable you to manage the wide impact living with pain can have.

Pain can have a huge impact on our lives and experiences. These websites provide evidenced based information about pain management.





www.livewellsouthwest.co.uk/contact Tel:01752  268011

www.plymouthonlinedirectory.com/wellbeinghubs/jancutting Tel: 01752 203670


Movement and posture

Pain can affect how we move and our confidence in movement, as well as how we hold ourselves.  Movement is good medicine for the mind and body. It encourages our naturally produced “feel good” pain      relieving Endorphins to be released. (Endorphins are a group of hormones secreted within the brain and nervous system). To learn more please see the links below.

Love Activity Hate Exercise NEVER TOO LATE!

Physiotherapy advice for maintaining strength as we age.



eldertreeplymouth.co.uk Tel:01752 227447


Pain and mood

Living alongside persistent pain can affect our mood, our thoughts and our behaviour. For more information about the impact of pain on emotional wellbeing you may find the links below helpful.




www.livewellsouthwest.co.uk/plymouth-options Tel: 01752 435419

Remember: It is important to gain support if you are experiencing difficulties with mood, from friends, family and health care professionals.


Mindfulness is an ancient eastern practice.

Mindfulness means paying attention to the present moment. 

We are often so busy worrying about the future or   going over what has happened in the past, that we forget to pay attention to what is happening right now, the ‘present moment’. 

Mindfulness helps us to notice thoughts, physical sensations, sights, sounds, tastes and smells, lots of things that we might not normally notice.  Mindfulness can allow us to notice what we are experiencing,    without judgment. 


You can access free mindfulness audio tracks online



www.mind.org.uk/information-support/drugs-and-treatments mindfulness

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