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Lower Carb Snacks

Date issued: November 2022

Review date: November 2024

Ref: A-511/LF/Dietetics/Lower Carb Snacks

PDF:  Lower Carb Snacks final November 2022.pdf [pdf] 131KB

When you have diabetes, you may choose to have lower carbohydrate snacks in between meals. These types of foods are less likely to impact your blood sugars.

Savoury Options

  • Vegetable sticks such as carrots, cucumber, pepper

    • Try with hummus, peanut butter, or soft cheese

  • A handful of nuts and/or seeds (30g portion)

  • A 15g portion of plain popcorn

  • Cooked meats

    • Slices of cooked chicken or turkey (or meat free alternatives)

    • Mini cocktail sausages (meat or plant based)

    • Cured meat selection

  • Cheese

    • Soft cheese

    • Cheese triangles

    • Babybels © or other single portions of cheese

  • 1 small slice of bread (e.g., Nimble©, Kingsmill Crustless©, Warburtons Milk Roll©)

    • Spread with olive-based spread

    • Try peanut butter

    • Add cheese spread

Savoury Options

2 Crispbreads or cheddars with cottage cheese

A handful of cherry tomatoes

Olives (with or without feta cheese)

Seafood sticks

Boiled eggs

Skips©, Wotsits©, Quavers©

1 jumbo rice cake

Sweet Options

Sugar free jelly

2 Rich tea fingers

2 small clementines

10-12 cherries

A portion of raspberries, strawberries, or blueberries

Small pot of low-fat natural yoghurt

12g pack of cinema sweet popcorn

One low calorie hot chocolate sachet

Dark chocolate

  • 70% Dark chocolate: 30g

  • 85% Dark chocolate: 40g

  • 90% Dark chocolate: 60g

Small cereal bar such as Alpen Light©, Weight Watchers chewy wafer©, Kind Dark chocolate and nuts Bar©, Nature Valley Protein (peanut and chocolate)

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