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MIC transgastric jejunal tube

Date issued: April 2022

Review date: April 2024 

Ref: C-336 v3

PDF:  Mic Transgastric jejunal tube final April 2022 v3.pdf [pdf] 171KB

Daily and Weekly care of the MIC –(KEY) Transgastric / Gastro jejunal tube

Daily care

Lift edges of the fixation plate or move away from the skin. Clean and dry stoma with mild soap and water using soft cloth (no cotton wool). DO NOT ROTATE.
Re?tension and place fixation plate 2?3mm from the skin. Measure and document external tube length. Clean the tube with mild soap and water. Dry thoroughly. If not using for feeds, flush daily with water as advised by Dietitian.

Weekly care

Move fixation plate away from the skin. Clean and dry stoma as per daily care.
Advance tube 2?3cms into the stomach and hold tube firmly in place.
Use 2 x 10ml luer slip syringe. Pre-load one syringe with 7-10ml cooled boiled water as per manufacturers’ instructions. Attach empty 10ml syringe to balloon inflation port, draw back plunger and measure water. Discard water and draw back a second time. Insert water from the pre-loaded syringe into balloon. Re-tension and clean the tube that has been in the stomach to remove acid. Dry thoroughly.
Document amount of water removed and reinserted into the balloon.
Replace fixation plate 2?3mm from skin. Measure and document tube length.
Inform appropriate Health Care Professional if any concerns.

Points to remember

• Good hand & equipment hygiene
• Maintain sitting position of a minimum of 45° when flushing & feeding
• Regular mouth care
• Monitor the condition of stoma site and use prescribed topical creams/barrier film and/or prescribed dressings as clinically indicated

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