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NPED 1 Nerve Conduction Studies

Date: March 2014

Review: March 2016     

Ref:  B-116/NB/NP/Nerve Conduction Studies

PDF:  NPED 1 Nerve Conduction Studies [pdf] 38KB


Nerve Conduction Studies:

These are tests of the nerves in the hand, arms and legs, and occasionally elsewhere in the body.  Please telephone the department prior to the test if you have a pacemaker or implanted cardiac defibrillator.

The studies are performed by passing small electric impulses through the skin and making recordings of the natural electrical signals further down the nerve or over a muscle.  This is usually performed with sticky pads attached to the skin.  The electrical impulses produce a mild tingling sensation, which a minority of individuals may find uncomfortable, but should not be painful.  Some of these tests will make muscles twitch and the twitches will be measured.  These tests take about 45 minutes.  There are no after effects and after the investigation you will be able to go home or to work/school as usual. 

The results of the investigation need to be analysed afterwards and a full report will be sent to the doctor who referred you for the test. 


What preparation is needed?

It is helpful if your hands and feet are as warm as possible.  Please avoid hand lotions or creams.  Loose fitting clothing that can be rolled up to above the elbows and knees is very helpful.  Bracelets, rings and watches will have to be removed for test on the hands, and socks or tights removed for investigation of the feet/legs.

If you have any queries please ask the person performing the investigation.

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