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Orthodontic retention advice long term

Date issued: September 2021

Review date: September 2023

Ref: B-372 v2

PDF:  Retention Protocol Long Term final September 2021 v2.pdf [pdf] 125KB

Orthodontic retention advice long term


You can now start reducing how much you wear your retainers.

An example would be to:

  • Wear your retainers 3 nights a week for the next year.  Wearing the retainers on the same nights each week (e.g. Monday, Wednesday, Friday) will help you remember when to do this.

  • Then wear your retainers 2 nights a week for the following year.

  • Then wear your retainers 1 night a week for as long as you want your teeth to stay straight.

But you may find that pattern you need to follow to keep your teeth straight is more than this.

The more years you wear your retainers for, the straighter they will stay.  If you stop wearing your retainers you can expect the position of your teeth to change a little.

If you need new retainers in the future, your dentist should be able to provide these and you will probably be asked to pay for these.

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