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Pessary information

Date issued:  January 2022 

For review: January 2024 

Ref: B-405/Gynae/KW/Pessary leaflet v6

PDF:  Pessary information leaflet final Jan 2022 v6 pdf[pdf] 185KB

Pessary information

Please read the following information. It will help answer any questions you have.

What is a pessary?

A vaginal pessary is made from surgical grade silicone and is an inert device that is placed in the vagina to help symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse. The devices come in all shapes and sizes. The pessary you have been fitted with will be specific for you.

Why have I been fitted with a pessary?

Pessary management for pelvic organ prolapse (POP) can improve the symptoms associated with it, and can include the following:
• A feeling of ‘something coming down’
• A lump
• Urinary frequency and urinary leakage
• A dragging discomfort in the low back
A pessary is considered a ‘safer’ option than surgery, but there may be many reasons why you haven’t opted for surgery and these will have been discussed with the specialist.

How do I look after my pessary?

It is very important to look after the vaginal skin. Vaginal hormone therapy is recommended alongside pessary management for POP. Speak to your GP about vaginal oestrogen or non-oestrogen vaginal moisturiser. Avoid constipation. If you suffer with constipation ask your GP about getting some help to relieve it. Your pessary will be routinely changed at approximately 3-6 monthly intervals as well.

If any of the following occur:

• Pessary falls out
• Get vaginal bleeding
• Offensive smelling discharge
• Pessary comes down/moved

Please call the appointments team on

01752 432628

When to seek urgent/emergency help

• If you are unable to sit down due to the pessary
• Pain
• If you are unable to pass urine

Please ring: (01752) 433097
(Urogynae nursing team 08:00 – 16:30)

Out of hours: 01752 430026
(Ocean Suite gynaecology ward)

Please note this is an appointment only service

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