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Prescribing details for Entresto

Date issued: July 2021

Review date: July 2023 

Ref: F-64

PDF:  Prescribing details for Entresto final July 2021.pdf [pdf] 182KB

You have been prescribed a new medication by your Cardiologist this is called Entresto, it will replace Ramipril, Candesartan or a similar medication you have been taking, or it may be a completely new prescription to treat your diagnosis of  heart failure.

Your GP is not able to prescribe this medication for 12 weeks following your discharge to your usual address.  You will be contacted by a Specialist Cardiac Nurse to facilitate the ongoing prescription of Entresto.

You will be asked to have blood tests and to have your blood pressure checked for three months.

You have been provided with three blood forms for you to arrange blood tests at your local surgery.  The first one should be arranged for three weeks after your discharge from hospital.  If you are not able to get the blood test at your surgery you can come to Derriford hospital to the Main Outpatient Department, level 6, and wait in the blood test queue.

Once you have had your blood test and blood pressure monitored by your cardiac nurse they will liaise with the Cardiologist at Derriford hospital  to arrange the next prescription for Entresto, this may be a different dose from the one you started on.

Once the Cardiologist has agreed to the next prescription you will be informed it is ready for your collection from Lloyds Chemist outside the front of Derriford hospital, you can park in the drop off bay and go in to collect the Entresto; it will be waiting for you.

After the first three doses you will then automatically find that Entresto is added to your repeat prescription by your GP and you will no longer need to be discussed at our meetings at Derriford hospital

You should then have your kidney blood tests checked twice yearly, or more often should your GP suggest this is necessary.

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