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Setting up your hoist

Date issued: April 2022

Review date: April 2024 

Ref: C-489

PDF:  Setting up your hoist final April 2022.pdf [pdf] 845KB

Who are we?

Clinical Engineering (CE) is a department based in Derriford Hospital.

We provide technical support to wards and departments. This means we help set up equipment, check electrical items and fix machines when they go wrong.

Our uniform is different from the nurses. We wear black tops with our department name sewn in bright orange.

We are not doctors or nurses so cannot answer questions about your care or treatment

Setting up your hoist:

Today we have come to set up a hoist.

This will help the nursing staff to move you safely.

A small team from Clinical Engineering will come to do this.

We will be working next to your bed for around 15 minutes.

We make take longer if we are working in a small space.

Talking to the CE Team:

You will probably be sat watch-ing us work. We will say hi and introduce ourselves.

It is okay to ask us questions before we start or when we are done.

You do not have to talk to us if you don’t want to. There will be some noise as we work.

When we are done we will check we have left no tools behind and say goodbye.

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Was this page helpful?

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