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Sleep Deprived EEG

Date: April 2018

Review Date: April 2020

Ref: B-119/NB/NP/Sleep Deprived EEG v4

PDF: Sleep Deprived EEG [pdf] 112KB


What is a Sleep-Deprived EEG (Electroencephalogram)?

In order that we perform this test we ask that on the night prior to your appointment date, you retire to bed later than usual at approximately 1am and wake earlier than may be usual, at approximately 5am.

Most, if not all patients having a sleep-deprived EEG will have had a baseline EEG performed at an earlier date. The preparation and performance of a sleep-deprived EEG is almost identical to an EEG (see enclosed leaflet “What is an EEG?”). Hopefully, you fall asleep during your test.


During the night is it okay to eat snacks and have drinks?

We would ask that you don’t have beverages containing caffeine such as tea/coffee or cola, as these may make you stay awake when we need you to sleep during the EEG the following morning.

After your sleep-deprived EEG (around 9:30-10am) you will be able to go straight home. We stipulate that you arrange for someone to accompany you for this test. You should not drive. If this is not possible please phone the department prior to your appointment to discuss arrangements.

We recommend that you have at least few hours sleep when you arrive back home, and do not drive (if you are currently permitted to drive) until you have done so.

If you have any questions about your test or additional requirements, please telephone the Neurophysiology Department on 01752 245187.

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