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South West Cleft Team Clinical Psychology

Date issued: April 2018

For review: April 2020

Ref:D-78/ClinPsych/ER/JL/South West Cleft Team v2



Support and Information for people of all ages who have a cleft lip and/or palate (and their families) in the South West region

Who is the Psychologist in my area?

My name is Lisa Clive and I am the clinical psychologist working in Plymouth and the surrounding areas. 

I work for the cleft lip and palate team for one day per week and I meet with people (including children, teenagers and adults) and their families at Derriford Hospital.


How do I support you?

  • Involvement in clinics; being on hand to answer any questions or give on the spot advice for dealing with worries; and an opportunity to talk confidentially if required.
  • Providing you with information and resources .
  • Assessing the development level of children, if appropriate.
  • Liaising with others who are involved, e.g. school or local services (with consent).
  • Running groups for children, young people, parents and adults.
  • Counselling, therapy and support for children, young people and adults for any cleft related difficulties, such as:
  1. Coming to terms with a diagnosis.
  2. Preparing for surgery, dental treatment, orthodontics or other treatment or procedures.
  3. Dealing with the attitudes of other people, including teasing or bullying.
  4. Discussing how to talk to children about their cleft and what to say to brothers, sisters, family and friends.
  5. Support when there is a diagnosis of a genetic condition.
  6. Talking through worries about how people will cope.
  7. Helping with depression or anxiety.
  8. Family or relationship tensions.
  9. Appearance concerns.
  10. Communication difficulties.
  11. Preparing for change, such as moving school.


All information you share with me is treated as confidential.  I would only ever break this confidentiality if I had concerns about someone’s safety.  If you see me for therapy I will not share any information with the rest of the cleft team or other services without your permission.

I am happy to chat with you on the phone to talk things through.  It doesn’t have to be a big problem before you contact me.


Please contact:

Dr Lisa Clive

Clinical Psychologist

Level 12

Derriford Hospital



Tel: 01752 432553



I will be responsible for auditing the psychosocial care provided. So you will meet me at regular review clinics which everyone attends when they are aged: up to 3 months, 2 years, 5 years, 10 years, 15 years and 18 years.

These clinics are with the rest of the cleft team and are an important way for us to assess whether the service pro­vides what you feel you need, and an opportunity for us to find out how we can improve things.



If you have any questions or concerns, no matter how small, please feel free to contact me. You can, of course, also talk to any other member of the team.

Please note:

If your concern is urgent, you should contact your GP.


For worries about feeding a new baby or post-operative care, contact the Specialist Cleft Nurse:

Hayley Brittin

Tel: 07500 882674

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