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Urgent Care Department

Date issued: January 2022

Review date: January 2024

Ref: A-490

PDF:  Urgent Care Department final January 2022.pdf [pdf] 415KB

Eye emergencies

The Urgent Care Department is for people who have eye conditions or njuries that could affect their sight in the future.
If you need to access the Urgent Care Department you will need to be triaged.

Walk-in triage

If you come into the Royal Eye Infirmary (REI):
• Your details will be taken at reception
• You will be assessed by an ophthalmic trained nurse 
• You will either be given an appointment time to come back to see the Urgent Care Doctor, asked to see your GP (doctor) or be given.

Telephone triage

You can call us on 01752 439330 between 8:30 in the morning and 8:00 in the evening Monday to Friday.
Or 8:30 in the morning until 1:00 in the afternoon at weekends.
• You will be assessed over the phone by an ophthalmic trained nurse
• You will either be given an appointment to come into the REI to see the Urgent Care Doctor, asked to see your GP or given advice.

If possible please always phone for an appointment.

If you need emergency eye care when we are closed please go to ED (also known as A&E)

Different staff within the REI

Ophthalmic Nurse Practitioners

Are nurses who have had further training on eyes and eye care. If your injury or illness is serious they will ask you to see the Urgent Care doctor.

Urgent Care Doctor

Urgent Care Doctors are special eye doctors that are able to provide treatment, perform small procedures or refer people for operations.

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