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Using bluetooth with your hearing aids

Date: September 2017

Revision date: September 2019

Ref. number: D-157/audiology/ER/using bluetooth with your hearing aids Phonak v3

PDF:  Using bluetooth with your hearing aids [pdf] 147KB

Key Features

  • Works as a remote control for volume control and program change of hearing aids
  • Connects with multiple Bluetooth devices wirelessly, e.g. mp3 player, mobile phone
  • Can be used with FM equipment
  • Spoken voice alerts for caller ID and to alert to low battery/successful connection of devices etc.
  • Size: 72x49x14mm
  • Weight: 46g


Phonak ComPilot

Please note: the Bluetooth device described in this leaflet is only suitable for people wearing Phonak hearing aids.

Streamers and Bluetooth devices are available for other hearing aid brands—please see leaflet racks for information about other products or ask a member of staff.

  Additional information

Can be used with television  upon purchase of TVLink S Basestation

Wireless Bluetooth clip on microphone (RemoteMic) can be purchased for family/friends to wear in noisy places



Optional extras

TVLink S Basestation  


RemoteMic prices  available on request


Are you interested in wirelessly connecting your hearing aids to your mobile phone, mp3 player oTV?

Do you struggle to use audio devices and your mobile phone with your hearing aids at the moment?

Could a remote control make it easier for you to enjoy extra programs and volume control?

If so, you may benefit from the Bluetooth devices detailed in this leaflet.

If you are interested please speak to an audiologist who can help you to decide.

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