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Wearing elastics

Date issued: January 2024 

Review date: January 2026 

Ref: B-364/Maxfax/KD/Wearing elastics v3

PDF:   Wearing elastics final January 2024 v3.pdf [pdf] 109KB

You have been asked to wear some elastic bands to help to move your teeth.

There are some important things you can do to help your treatment work well.

  • Wear the elastics exactly as instructed.
    If you don’t wear your elastics properly your treatment will take longer than necessary and you will not get the best result.

If your orthodontist asks you to wear elastics all the time”, this means 24 hours a day except for when you are toothbrushing.

Some patients find that eating is difficult whilst wearing elastics.  If you have to remove your elastics when eating, make sure you put them back in immediately after your meal.

  • Put on new elastic bands every day.
    Replace any bands that are lost or broken.
    Always carry some spare elastics with you.

  • Contact the department if you run out of elastics.
    We will be happy to send you some more.

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