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Welcome to the Children’s Bowel and Bladder Care Team

Date issued: October 2020

For review: October 2022

Ref: C-437/RE/Women and children/Children's Bowel and Bladder team

PDF: The Bowel and Bladder Team [pdf] 403KB

Who are we?

We are a nurse led team who specialise in working with children whom have bowel and bladder difficulties. These can include difficulties such as constipation, pooing accidents, daytime wetting, night time wetting, potty training difficulties and more.

What do we do?

Your GP or healthcare professional will have referred you to us because they feel your child requires some specialist input from our service. On our first meeting we will carry out an assessment of your child’s difficulties and needs in relation to their Bowel and Bladder. As part of this assessment, it is extremely helpful if you and your child could complete and bring with you a 2-week poo diary and an in and output fluid chart, which your referring healthcare provider will give you.

What support and treatments do you provide?

We provide a wide variety of support and treatments. Our treatments include:

  • Toilet training support
  • Urotherapy
  • Bedwetting-alarms
  • Tens machines
  • Bio-feedback therapy
  • Catheterisation
  • Flow studies
  • Introduction of medication and assessment for containment products.

Any treatment plans or further investigations that are required will be fully explained to you by your practitioner following assessment.

Containment products (nappies and pads)

If you think your child needs long term nappies/pads. You will not receive these automatically as part of your referral. In order for your child to be able to receive continence products on the NHS, a full assessment must first take place. As part of the assessment process we will support you and your child with an individually tailored toilet training plan, which is carried out over the course of 6 months. Following completion of both the assessment and toilet training plan we will be able to then either supply you with continence products or continue to support you and your child in their progress.

Is there any support I can access whilst I am waiting for my referral?

We have provided a list of very helpful and supportive websites on the back of this leaflet. Please continue to contact your GP, Health visitor or School nurse whilst you are awaiting your appointment for on-going support.

“We look forward to meeting you and your child soon!”   See the source image

Support and information


The children’s bowel and bladder charity


Tackling childhood constipation and soiling


Information and advice for all adults, children and young people with bladder and bowel issues.

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