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Why have I been referred to the renal dietitian

Date: September 2017          

Review: September 2019

Ref: C-197/Dietetics/HS/Renal dietitian v5

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Why have I been referred to the renal dietitian? 

You have been referred to us by your renal consultant, GP or a renal specialist nurse for advice about your diet.

When your kidneys stop working properly, wastes products and fluid can start to build up in your body. 

A renal dietitian is a dietitian who specialises in kidney conditions and can offer advice to:

  • help protect your remaining kidney function
  • help you to continue to feel well, and
  • reduce your risk of developing other complications such as heart disease

You may have been referred to the dietitian because:

  • your kidneys may be working less than 30% of normal and you may benefit from a general review of your usual diet
  • your blood levels of some waste products such as potassium or phosphate may be rising to harmful levels
  • too much fluid may be building up in your body
  • you may need help to maintain your weight if your appetite is poor
  • it may be advisable to lose weight if you are overweight
  • you may have questions about your diet and kidney condition

Whatever the reason for your referral we will look at what you usually eat, your blood results and other medical conditions, and give you practical advice tailored to your needs.  We work alongside the renal consultants and nurses as part of a team. 

Many people prefer to be seen face-to-face in a clinic setting, but if this is difficult for you, we would be happy to advise you on the telephone. 

For more information or to book an appointment please phone the Renal Dietitians on 01752 439961 or 01752 432243



Nutrition & Dietetic Department

Derriford Hospital



Tel: (01752) 432243


Nutrition & Dietetic Department

Estover Health Centre

Leypark Walk



Tel: (01752) 314925

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