How do I see a Clinical Psychologist or Children's Wellbeing Practitioner?

Advice for Families

Your child will need to be referred by one of your medical team within the hospital (e.g. a Dr or specialist nurse). But you need to agree to this happening. They will write to us to see if we can help and we will decide whether we are the best service to see your child or if there is a more suitable service for your needs. 

If, as a young person, you have moved on to receiving care in an adult team then, it is best you ask them to direct you to adult based psychology services within the hospital.

We can also be part of a wider health team (for example: diabetes, oncology, autism assessments).

Advice for professionals

Please see our referral criteria PHWB referral criteria 2023.pdf [pdf] 309KB . If in doubt or you would like to chat a case through please contact us on the team email here this email is monitored multiple times a day and is the quickest way to get a response.

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