About the Unit

A bay in the ICU The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is comprised of two adjoining wards: Penrose and Pencarrow. The ICU relocated in 2008 occupying brand-new, purpose-built facilities, and is able to provide the latest equipment and technology to patients. 

The two wards have separate nursing and medical teams to care for the patients admitted to them, however patients may move between wards occasionally depending on clinical need and resources. Staff also move between the units, and share skills and knowledge across the whole ICU.

The Intensive Care Unit is one of the busiest in the country, and admits over 1700 patients a year with a broader range of clinical conditions, than is commonly seen elsewhere.

Alongside the department of anaesthesia, the ICU is the first in the country to receive ACSA accreditation for Neurocritical care from the Royal College of Anaesthetists . 

Penrose Ward

Penrose (General ICU) can admit up to 18 patients. Most patients with emergency medical or general surgical problems will be admitted to Penrose ward.

Pencarrow Ward

Pencarrow (Neuro ICU) can admit up to 10 patients. Patients are generally admitted to Pencarrow if they have suffered a head injury, or undergone a neurosurgical procedure, however Pencarrow will also care for patients from all other specialties found in the hospital.

Rooms in ICU


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