Information for patients

Preparing for your examination

Check your letter for any specific information about preparing for your examination. Please ensure you attend all appointments for blood tests and Covid swabs. This is extremely important, failure to do so could lead to your procedure being cancelled, and therefore delay your treatment.

Patients taking blood thinners

If you are taking any Anti-coagulation (blood thinning medication), we may require this to be stopped pre-procedure. This is dependant on the type and dose of drug you are taking. It is possible this may require admission to hospital to give you an alternative. Advice will be given to you during pre-assessment or when arranging your appointment time. 

Patients with diabetes

If you are diabetic, especially if you are taking the drug Metformin, you may be required to alter the timing of your next dose. Advice on this will be given as part of your post-procedural care.


Those patients that can bear children will be asked to confirm their pregnancy status if appropriate.

If you are pregnant or suspect that you may be pregnant please notify the department.

You can call us for advice on:

01752 432063 – IR Bookings Team


Are there any risks?


All surgical and interventional procedures entail some risk. Any procedural risks and benefits will be explained and discussed with you before the procedure. During this time you will be given the opportunity to ask the Consultant about any queries or concerns you may have. Before the procedure you may need to sign a consent form.  This is a legal requirement and is confirmation that you have been fully informed about your procedure.


Interventional radiology procedures are performed using radiation, however the dose is small.


Often we need to give you x-ray dye (contrast agent) during your procedure to help us view anatomy more accurately. This dye contains Iodine which some people are allergic to. If you have any allergies or have previously had a reaction to the dye, you must tell the radiology staff before you have the examination.


How do I get my results?

Normally the results will be sent to the doctor who sent you for the examination. There is often a need for us to review the images and perhaps consult with a senior colleague before a final report is made. If you wish to know the result, please feel free to ask the Radiologist doing the procedure, but sometimes the result cannot be given to you immediately. If this is the case you will be told how and when the results should become available.

Procedure Records

The images recorded during your examination, and other necessary personal details, are kept as part of our records. These are stored electronically in a database. There are strict controls on how this data is used and the Trust ensures procedures are in place to protect this information. Images may be used for teaching doctors and allied professional groups within the hospital, but no identifiable images will be published more widely without your permission.

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