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Peninsula Paediatric Awards for Training Achievements sees multiple UHP colleagues win awards

The annual Peninsula Paediatric Awards for Training Achievements (PAFTAs) has seen multiple UHP colleagues take home awards for their outstanding contributions and exceptional hard work in working with children and young people across Devon & Cornwall.


Out of the 743 nominations, spanning across a range of departments and roles, we are delighted that we have 5 out of the 16 winners working with us here at UHP. The nominations are all submitted anonymously and often comprise of multiple entries from different colleagues, which enable the judges to get a real sense of how these individuals strive to be the best they can be, for both their colleagues and patients.


Ellie Harding Firstly, Ellie Harding has been recently awarded Junior Nurse of the Year 2021.  Ellie has worked on the Children’s Assessment Unit as a staff nurse for 3 years now and is described by colleagues as “Fun, happy and an energetic nurse who clearly loves her job. She has outstanding interaction and communication with her patients and families and they all love how friendly and compassionate she is, always advocating for the best care for her patients.” Another adds, “Ellie is brilliant fun to work with. Even when CAU looks like it’s about to explode and overflowing with patients, she always has a smile on her face and strives to deliver the best care. She has clinical skills beyond her years of training and is always keen to get stuck in and learn. Patients and their families absolutely love her, as do all of the medical staff.”


Secondly, Sarah Parkes, Healthcare and Nursing Assistant of the Year 2021 works as an HCA in the paediatric emergency department. She has been described by a colleague as someone with “an amazing skill set and always ensuring that the department is kept safe. Nothing is ever too much bother for Sarah. She is keen to learn and just gets on with things whilst on shift. She’s great with the patients and is able to adapt her care to every individual child no matter their age.” Another adds, “[Sarah is] absolutely passionate about families and their journey – [she has] multiple skills which support families through stressful difficult times – Sarah’s skills are amazing and ensure the patient journey is fast and efficient. She continuously ensures the patients and their families have the best care possible. You are amazing Sarah!”.


Wildgoose team Thirdly, one of our children’s wards on level 12, Wildgoose Ward, won the Team of the Year 2021 award. As a colleague explains, “Wildgoose like every team has had its challenges this last year, however as always, they pull together as an amazingly supportive team. Staff frequently check in with each other to ensure things are ok, especially when they know a member of the team is struggling. As a team they are super strong at doing their own mini debriefs when there have been issues or incidents on the ward. This team faces not just medical challenges but also many mental health challenges and behavioural problems. Together the team face these problems head on and strive to advocate for the patients and families to improve the level of their care.”


Another adds, “Together this team always stands strong. care and empathy goes a long way in this team who really look out for each other. The Wildgoose team is supportive and caring, not only of their patients but of each other. It is an exceptional team, that has and will offer support to any other area that needs it and the patients receive fantastic care from enthusiastic, knowledgeable and kind nurses.”


Following on from that, Wildgoose team member Karen Evens also took away the Non Clinical Staff of the Year 2021 award. She has been working on Wildgoose for over 4 years as a ward clerk. A colleague wrote, “Karen is the absolute backbone of Wildgoose- nothing is ever too much trouble and Karen is always smiling. By being so supportive and hardworking she empowers the rest of us to do our jobs to a high standard. She has a fantastic relationship with the whole team and everyone is always so pleased when they know Karen is on shift.” Another adds, “Karen is the powerhouse that keeps Wildgoose moving. Any task asked of Karen is done within the blink of an eye and with a smile on her face. Karen’s support on Wildgoose is incredible [and] she has time for everyone and interacts well with patients and their families too.”


NICU colleagues Lastly, but by no means least, Róisín Mckeon-Carter, Nurse Consultant in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, took home the Nursing Lifetime Achievement Award 2021. She is the first Florence Nightingale Senior Leadership Scholar to work at UHP and is the first nurse in the country to work as a service line clinical director after over 30 years at the Trust. A colleague explains, “The main drive for Róisín is ensuring our neonates and their families get the best possible care, keeping them at the centre of service delivery. Róisín was intrinsic in the development of the Transitional Care Services, which not only keeps Mum with their babies but also helps avoids unnecessary admissions to the neonatal unit thus reducing avoidable separation. This service here at UHP is seen as an exemplar model and has been the source of many from visits from colleagues across the UK and from New Zealand.” Another adds, “Róisín leads with excellence, compassion and commitment and this extends to the MDT being a mentor and coach to many colleagues and learners. Róisín is extremely skilled in the care and management of babies requiring intensive care to the neonate getting ready to go home, empowering parents throughout their NICU and TCW journey.”


As a Trust, we feel privileged to work alongside such committed, compassionate and respectful colleagues who embed our Trust values by always putting people first and being positive.

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