Useful Links

The Pain Toolkit

The pain toolkit is an interactive information booklet created by an expert patient. It provides handy tips and skills to support self management.


ReConnect2Life is an interactive programme to help you look at your pain and how it affects you. It consists of modules addressing understanding pain, improving health and fitness, changing the way you think and feel, reconnecting with your values, creating skills for the future and specific conditions.

Body Reprogramming

Body reprogramming is a course which is designed to help people with a central sensitivity syndrome, such as, fibromyalgia. It provides an understanding of the condition and how best to manage it to improve health.

Flippin' Pain

Is a community aiming to change the way we think about, talk about and treat persistent pain.  Lots of helpful information on understanding pain and moving towards recovery.  These include skills and tips.

Brainman - Understanding Pain

A link to a youtube channel which illustrates and explains pain.

Live Well with Pain

A website aimed at increasing self-management for people living with chronic pain.

Cornwall Connected by Pain, delivering community pain cafes across Cornwall

A website supporting a network of pain cafes across Cornwall to improve the quality of life for people with persistent pain.  Aims to provide support for people locally in Cornwall based on Live Well with Pain 10 footsteps

Tame The Beast

An interactive website aimed at sharing knowledge and experience whilst helping people get closer to managing their pain.

Versus Arthritis

Versus arthritis is a community of people aiming to support education, knowledge and treatment of arthritis.


BackCare provide information and education, whilst also providing practical and emotional support to people living with back pain.

British Pain Society

An alliance of professionals advancing the understanding and management of pain for the benefit of patients.

Fibromyalgia Association UK

A support group and information site for people living with fibromyalgia.

Multiple Sclerosis Society

A support group and information site for people living with multiple sclerosis.

Pain Relief Foundation

The pain relief foundation is a registered charity specialising in research into the causes and treatment of chronic pain.

Pelvic Pain Support Network

The Pelvic Pain Support Network is a patient led organisation and charity. They gain advice from clinicians, researchers and health professionals with an interest in pelvic pain from across the world.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Society

The rheumatoid arthritis society provide information and support services for those affected by RA, their families, friends, carers and health professionals.

Trigeminal Neuralgia Association UK

Trigeminal Neuralgia provide information, support and encouragement to those who suffer this condition. They aim to raise awareness within the medical community and the general public.

Mindfulness in a Frantic World

A link to a recommended mindfulness book.

Bangor Mindfulness

A free resource to many interactive mindfulness practical sessions.

Explain Pain

A link to a youtube video explaining pain.

Irene Tracey – From Agony to analgesia

A link to two radio episodes discussing pain.

Compasionate Mind Foundation

A charity that looks at compassion focused therapy and compassionate mind training and are the leading provider of training and research in this field.

My Care Path

A website aimed at helping with your understanding of pain, management of pain and moving towards recovery.

Pain Concern

Pain concern is a charity working to improve the lives of people living with pain.

Opioids Aware

A website with links for patients and clinicians about opioid use.

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