Our Specialist Team

We have a team comprising of many different professionals.  The My Health Devon website has good information on what different people do in a pain team.


  • If you have queries for the admin team the contact details are:
  • Reception 01752 437706
  • Medical secretaries 01752 430120 or 01752 431704 or 01752 431829
  • Specific questions about procedures should be directed to 07152 43189
  • For the pain management physiotherapy, psychology or nurse team (including group work) please call 01752 437707 or 01752 439200
  • The clinical admin manager is on 01752 437706

Consultants in Pain Medicine

Specialist Nurses and HCA’s

  • Sue Blowey
  • Judith Bywater
  • Sally Couch
  • Dawn Farrow
  • Mary Ann Marman
  • Anne Munton
  • Lorraine Symons
  • Laura Wood

Specialist Physiotherapist

  • Paul Minty
  • Peter Storry
  • Richard Walters

Specialist Psychologist

  • Annily Dee
  • Abigail Gilbert
  • Bente Hansen
  • Luisa Ornelas

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Was this page helpful?

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