Our Research Performance

High quality Research and Innovation is fundamental to providing the best healthcare for the people of Plymouth and West Devon.  This Trust is already respected for its capacity to offer the widest variety of research studies in the Peninsula to its population. We continue to provide research in all clinical areas, the research being funded by government, charities and industry sources.

The Trust currently has around 500 active research studies and, in the last year (18/19), has recruited almost 5000 people to take part in research.  Thanks to these patients, researchers are able to learn how to manage a wide range of medical conditions more effectively and improve the wellbeing of our patients.

Performance in Initiating and Developing Research

The Government’s Plan for Growth published in 2011 sets out the requirement for all NHS providers to publish information on their performance in initiating and developing research via the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR).

The RD&I Office actively monitors all clinical trials approved by Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust and provides quarterly reports showing the performance in initiating and delivering research to the NIHR.  

  • The Performance in Initiating Reports shows our performance against the national ’70 day target’ for all clinical trials hosted by the Trust.  The benchmark is from the date an NHS organisation received a valid research application to first patient recruited.  For those studies that have been through the new HRA approval process the ’70 day target’ benchmark is from the date the site was selected to first patient recruited.
  • The Performance in Delivering Report shows our performance against recruiting to time and target for every commercial contract clinical trials hosted by the Trust that closed to recruitment in the last twelve months.

Please click on the links below to view our reports.

Q3 21-22 Performance In Delivering

Q3 21-22 Performance In Initiating

Q4 21-22 Performance In Delivering

Q4 21-22 Performance in Initiating

Q1 22-23 Performance in Delivering

Q1 22-23 Performance in Initiating

Q2 2223 Performance in Delivering

Q2 2223 Performance in Initiating


For more information on the Government’s Plan for Growth in Research, please see the NIHR website.

View our Research Performance.

MHRA Regulatory Inspections 

Completed MHRA Corrective and Preventative Action Plan

MHRA GCP Inspection Statement

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