The Team

Dr Hannah Hunter Dr Hannah Hunter
Consultant Haematologist/TYA Clinical Lead
Hannah Heayn Hannah Heayn
TYA Nurse Specialist
Tel: 01752 433340/07769282561
Lucy figg Lucy Figg
TYA Specialist Nurse
Tel: 01752 433340/07769282561
Anna Regan Anna Regan (she/her)
Young People’s Social Worker
Tel: 07766652170


Nurse Specialist for teenagers and young people with cancer

We are passionate about providing high quality and gold standard care for our teenagers and young adults with cancer. We want to support you in any way we can and we want you to engage so that your views and opinions are heard and respected. You are at the centre of the care that we provide and so you are best placed to tell us what you want and need from our service. 

Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS)

You are provided with your own site specific clinical nurse specialist, who can help coordinate your care from diagnosis to treatment through to follow up care. They will be a familiar face that can provide support for you and your family. Information on tests, investigations and treatment options. Support and advice on symptom control and can provide links to other professionals and support services. When one is not available, the TYA nurse will assist you.

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