Birth following Caesarean Section

Ready for childbirth poster If you have had a previous caesarean section, your midwife will refer you for consultant led care. The majority of your antenatal appointments will be with your community midwife, however, you will be invited to come to the hospital antenatal clinic when you are about 20 weeks pregnant, to discuss your options for birth and make a plan of care.If you have had one previous caesarean, but are otherwise low-risk, you will be seen by a specialist midwife.

‘Preparation for Birth Following Caesarean Section’ workshops

For those planning a vaginal birth (VBAC) this time or if you are undecided and want to find out more, we also run a monthly evening workshop for women who have had a previous caesarean and their birth partners.

This one-off workshop is facilitated by midwives who are experienced in caring for women who choose to have a VBAC. It is designed to help you feel more prepared for your labour and birth and is a great opportunity to talk to other couples who have also experienced a previous caesarean birth. 

Forthcoming dates:


Wednesday 6th December


Wednesday 10th January                                                      

Wednesday 21nd February                                                    

Wednesday 7th March           

Wednesday 4th April              

Wednesday 2rd May

Wednesday 6th June

Wednesday 5th September                

Wednesday 4th July                                                               

Wednesday 3rd October        

Wednesday 11th November                                      

Wednesday 5th December

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Maternity Line

The Maternity Line number is 01752 430200.

The Maternity Line is for all calls related to pregnancy from 20 weeks gestation, labour and newborn babies.

Before 20 weeks gestation the GP should be contacted

If it is an emergency, 999 should be called.