Theatres and Anaesthetics

The theatres and anaesthetics team in MEMS, led by Gary Rockley, is responsible for the management of medical devices in a variety of departments within Derriford Hospital such as X-ray, MRI, opthalmics, operating theatres, endoscopy, ultrasound and offers service support to dental schools and veterinary surgeries in the surrounding area and further afield.

The experienced team are responsible for a wide variety of equipment that encompasses, for example, operating tables and microscopes, diathermy, anaesthetic machines, lasers, multi parameter patient monitors, endoscopic examination systems, dental couches and drills.

Conveniently situated alongside the main operating theatre suite in Derriford Hospital this allows us to respond rapidly to calls for support. Servicing and breakdown maintenance is normally undertaken in the workshop however, depending on the problem, there could be a need for us to enter the operating theatre whilst surgery is taking place.

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