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Oesophago-Gastric Cancer Centre

The Dietitian is part of the Upper GI Surgery Team. During your stay in hospital, you will meet a Dietitian who will provide you with nutritional advice.  Following your surgery we will design a dietary plan to meet your needs both in hospital and at home.  

The following booklets will be available from your dietician:

  • Recipes for nourishing drinks
  • Fluid diet 
  • Help when you feel full quickly
  • Using a calorie supplement
  • Looking after your feeding tube
  • Soft food diet sheet
  • Little and Often – Plymouth Nutrition & Dietetic Service
  • Puree Diet
  • Dietary Advice for Dumping Syndrome

Liver and HPB Centre

During your stay in hospital you can be referred to a Dietitian, who will provide you with additional nutritional advice.

If you are preparing to have pancreatic or liver surgery it is important that you adhere to a healthy diet and lifestyle. This will help increase your body's fitness for surgery.

  • Avoid alcohol completely
  • Try to stop smoking (we can provide you with information and support)
  • Regular exercise e.g. walking up to 3 miles a day
  • Take a healthy diet, with plenty of fresh protein-rich foods along with fruit and vegetables.
  • If you would like further information on getting ready for your operation, your clinical nurse specialist will be happy to discuss all these issues.
  • As part of your Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Programme, you may be given nutritional supplement drinks both before surgery

ERAS Booklets

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